Saturday, December 6, 2008

Opening Post - Welcome and Rules of Engagements

With this post I am beginning a new venture...  or perhaps I should say adventure.  I have recently become interested in blogging as a way to communicate with others as well as to host a forum for the discussion of various thoughts and ideas.  Although I believe that no one can be totally objective or un-biased, I will, never-the-less attempt to be as objective as possible.   And while I do not expect others to lay aside the beliefs and/or underlying convictions that guide their lives, I hope that others will also attempt to be as objective as possible.   

Just to let you know, I do expect civility from all who participate - towards me as well as towards other bloggers who might leave a comment.   As the author of this blog, I will edit or delete comments that appear to be abusive or severely off-topic.  

I will attempt to post to the blog once a day...  the operative word here is "attempt"... because it may not happen.  Besides which, I am still learning how to do this, so there may be the occasional glitch... for which I will ask now for your forgiveness.

With all that in mind, welcome to Living Stones!!


John said...

"Edit" comments? I didn't know that you could do that with Blogger. But then again, I haven't updated my platform in quite a while.

Welcoming to the blogosphere. Here's your accordion.

trekkerjay said...

As I went through all the different settings choices, I kinda guessed on a couple... The "edit comments" was one of those guesses - and apparently, I guessed correctly!! 8-)