Monday, December 8, 2008

Meet Buster and Nugget

As you perhaps can tell from the fact that I have "The Daily Puppy" on my blog, I am a dog lover.  As such I have two cute "pups".  Even though they are no longer the age where they would be considered puppies, since they are small, I still call them pups.  Their names are Buster and Nugget, and as you can tell from the picture, they are Miniature Dachshunds.

I think this particular picture of them is one of the cutest that I have.  Although the picture is about five or six years old now, they still look about the same.

So meet Buster and Nugget...  my two "kids"!!  Buster is an avid hunter of all things that move, from lizards to frogs to squirrels....   well, you get the idea.  Then there is Nugget, who would just as soon lay in the sun and sleep, or lay anywhere and sleep, as do anything else.  They are now both seven years old - but were not litter-mates.  They did have the same father, so they are half-brothers.  All in all, they are both a couple of rascals!!  

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